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12/16/04 01:14 pm - declension

Mmm, homemade chili....

12/16/04 12:35 pm - out_2_lunch - My true love, my darling clementines...

10/25/04 05:58 pm - declension

Todai is the best all-you-can-eat buffet, ever! We went there last night for my brother's birthday, and it was definitely worth it. Lots of seafood. About 20 different kinds of sushi, and it was good and fresh. Unlike most buffets with sushi, it wasn't a huge platter that had been sitting out for a bit. They had five or six sushi chefs constantly making rolls, and they only set out one or two at a time.

The eel roll was actually good. Last time I had it, I didn't like it. Perhaps because it wasn't made right.

And they had quite a few desserts, in bite sizes. Green tea cheesecake and mini creme brulees!

But yeah, Todai is awesome, and there are quite a few of them, so maybe there's one by you!

(That last line sounds like a bad infomercial, eh? Heh).

10/8/04 05:37 pm - fosphorescent - Casseroles

I love casseroles -- especially because I can usually cook them without screwing up too badly! 

I'm gonna try cooking this one next week!Collapse )

Is it dinner time yet?


10/8/04 04:01 pm - declension

Celestial Seasonings White Tea with Peach is really great as iced tea.

That is all.

9/17/04 10:52 am - fosphorescent

I love Milano cookies.  They are evil, though, because I could probably eat an entire bag in one sitting.  And then run out to the store and buy more Pepperidge Farm cookies.  (Geneva, Brussells, Mint Milanos...mmm)

9/13/04 08:59 am - declension - Take THAT, pepperidge farm!

Stauffer's Whales are much better than Goldfish, any day. They're crisper and crunchier and taste more like a cheddar cheese cracker should.

Perhaps it's just me, but of late, I think Goldfish are too salty.

Plus, you can get Whales for a dollar at Dollar General. Hehe.

9/12/04 08:08 pm - declension - Test Post.

Athenos Artichoke and Garlic hummus is really good. Even with pretzels.
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